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Be Careful When Using Colon Cleansing Herbs. If You've Never Used Them Before You're Probably Better Off Buying A Proven Product Instead.


For those seeking an organic method of colon care, an efficient solution is to incorporate colon cleansing herbs as part of an everyday diet or supplement program. Most can be found at most health food stores, and are available in the form of orally administered capsules or powder to be mixed with an enema solution. Some of the advantages of herbal colon cleansers are that they are non-invasive, work independently of your body’s metabolism, and do not leave any residues behind in your colon.

Many believe that colon cleansing herbs are more effective than more traditional colonic procedures. The former can eliminate parasites and bacteria, rid your body of the yeast that can cause disorders like IBS and Chrons disease, stop internal bleeding, prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, remove toxic metals (i.e. lead, mercury, etc.) from the system, and promote healthy, regular digestive processes.

There is a wide range of herbs that can be used to achieve a natural colon cleanse, whether you choose to buy a pre-made supplement or formulate your own combination to achieve the desired colon cleaning effect. Your preferred technique should be coupled with smart nutrition choices, a steady intake of 25-30 grams of fiber per day, and a recommended daily intake of water.

If you’re looking for a quick, convenient way to achieve an internal cleansing, a pill or capsule from a health store is probably your best bet, rather than taking a chance with your health by using a homemade colon cleanse. That way, you can ensure that you’re getting the right combination of colon cleansing herbs without having to do extensive amounts of research and experimentation.

As you learn more about the options and techniques for herbal colon cleansing, you’ll most likely hear some of the same ingredients listed over and over again. Below, we’ve listed the core group of colon cleansing herbs that are most widely used in natural colon cleansing:

Licorice Root

One of the most popular colon cleansing herbs used in pre-made herbal colon cleansers is licorice root. A mild laxative known for its effectiveness in facilitating and regulating bowel movements, licorice root also serves as a natural way to flush toxins from the system. It can be purchased in capsule form or as a natural standalone herb.

Flax Seeds

A common choice for a natural colon cleanse, flax seeds are a great way to give your colon a complete detoxification. Their properties and impact on the digestive system are similar to that of fiber. Plus, when incorporated into a sensible colon cleansing diet consisting of other colon cleansing herbs, flax seeds can facilitate general well-being and improved health.


When evaluating different herbal colon cleansers, you’re likely to see frequent mention of psyllium as a common ingredient. Extremely effective when administered in a pill form, psyllium is comparable to fiber in promoting bowel movements and regulating digestion. The common dosage recommendation is to grind up two teaspoons of psyllium seeds and mix those with eight ounces of water. The water is an important part of the equation, as it can prevent constipation and obstruction of the colon.

Other Colon Cleansing Herbs

In addition to the common varieties listed above, there are hundreds of additional alternatives that can be used as herbal natural colon cleansers, including cayenne pepper, aloe leaf, ginger, garlic, marshmallow root, dandelion root, barberry, and more. These natural colon cleansers aid in eliminating bacteria in the colon and directing fluid into the liver to flush out impurities.

When trying to decide on the best mix of ingredients for you, we recommend reading a wide variety of colon cleanse reviews to help you determine the colon cleansing herbs that will help you create a colon cleanser that is compatible with your needs and physical makeup.